Luxury Country Day Spa in Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland

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We are an environmentally conscious UK company

Some of the things we are doing to help the environment:

Product Partners - we work with other environmentally conscious companies when sourcing our product - we are careful to check out their credentials.  We use plant based products, wherever possible.

Candles - we use soy wax candles that come from sustainable sources (soy is grown cut down and re-grown).

Bulk Buying - we buy in bulk and re-fill our product containers, lessening the consumption of plastic and glass.

Heating and Hot Water - our hot water and underfloor heating is generated from a state of the art Biomass system using wood pellets.

Garden - we plant wild flowers and perennial plants and herbs such as rosemary and lavender in our garden to encourage bees, butterflies and birds.  We will

collect seed and scatter in subsequent years.

Recycling - we recycle paper, plastic and glass waste.  

Lighting - the spa is fitted with LED low energy lights both inside and out.

Switch off Policy - all appliances are switched off when not in use.

Cleaning - we use e-cloths which lessen the need for using chemicals. Whenever possible our towelling products are dried outside or set on airers over the underfloor heating.

Chemicals - we use environmentally friendly products in our washing machine.

Toilet Paper - our toilet paper is eco friendly.